Sixteen Lectures

  • Sixteen Lectures

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    These lectures have been chosen to give the listener a sample of both the general themes of the thought of Seyyed Hossein Nasr, such as modernity's loss of the sacred, and his scholarship on particular subjects, such as the meaning of Islamic art. For this reason, the collection will be of interest both to audiences who are already well acquainted with his thought, and to those who are discovering him for the first time.

    Nasr is a widely popular lecturer because of his lively speaking style. He never reads from a prepared text, but speaks directly to the audience with a rare combination of passion and logical coherence. Equally rare is his universal voice: although he is a Muslim, his knowledge of and respect for other religions allow him to speak to many audiences from within their own traditions.

    Although these lectures cover a wide variety of topics, from interreligious dialogue to the environmental crisis, together they form a underlying unity that is nothing less than a cosmology, which both transcends the transient constructs of particular times and cultures and brings them into sharp focus.



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