Juristic Differences and How to Resolve Them

  • Juristic Differences and How to Resolve Them

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    Juristic differences started in the first century A.H. But they remained within proper limits. Later on, these differences took a dangerous turn and assumed the shape of permanent distinctive juristic schools. These differences have a special concern for the people of the Indian Sub-Continent. Along with juristic differences, the society is further divided into different sectarian groups such as Dewbandi, Barelwi, conformists and non-conformists etc. Any effort for the enforcement of Islamic Law would be futile unless there is a solution for these juristic differences. The most pressing and delicate issue of the resolution of these differences has been focused by Islahi in this book. Islahi's exclusive concentration is on the Qur'an and Sunnah, the spirit of objectivity, tolerance and liberal and pragmatic approach. According to him, this curbs conflicts and prevents the further disintegration of society on the basis of religion, the message of which is universal and not confined to a particular group of people.



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