Faith and Reason in Islam - Averroes Exposition of Religious Arguments

  • Faith and Reason in Islam: Averroes Exposition of Religious Arguments

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    Abu'l-Walid Ibn Rushd, known in European sources as Averroes, was born in Cordova, Spain, in 1126 C.E. He studied Arabic letters (Adab), jurisprudence (Fiqh), Kalam, medicine and philosophy with a number of teachers, some of whose names are given in the sources. In 1169, he was introduced to the Caliph, Abu Ya`qub Yusuf, by Ibn Tufayl (d.1185), the leading philosopher of the period and court physician to the Caliph. Abu Ya`qub Yusuf was an avid reader of Aristotle, we are told, but complained of his "intractable and abstruse idiom''. As a result of this meeting, Averroes was asked to expound the works of Aristotle for the use of the Caliph and was appointed religious judge (qadi) of Seville and shortly after chief judge of Cordoba. In 1182, he was appointed physician royal at the court of Marrakech.



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