Words of God to Prophet Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings (ahadith qudsiyyah)

  • Words of God to Prophet Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings (ahadith qudsiyyah)

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     “Whoever memorizes and preserves forty hadith relating to

    religion,” said the Prophet Muhammad, “God will resurrect him

    on the Day of Judgment as a jurist and religious scholar.” Inspired

    by this and similar sayings, early Muslims endeavored to

    organize and publish prophetic traditions in sets of forties on

    specific subject matters. If most traditions consists of sayings of

    the Prophet Muhammad, the current compilation, which was

    drawn from Ayatullah Hasan Shirizi’s Kalimat Allah , brings together

    a special sort of tradition, the sacred saying or hadith

    qudsi , in which the Messenger of God reports extra-Quranic revelation,

    namely, the Word of God, that was shared with him directly

    by the Divinity or via the intermediary of the Angel

    Gabriel. The compilation in question has been transmitted consecutively

    through spiritual and scholarly lines since the early

    days of Islam and treated as trustworthy by many specialists of

    tradition. Famous in Shiite and Sufi circles in the Middle East

    and Asia, knowledge of this magnificent work is slowly spreading

    throughout Sunni lands. Translated idiomatically, accurately,

    and elegantly by Dr. John Andrew Morrow, and commented

    upon by Charles Upton with depth and concision, The Words of

    God to Prophet Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings  is a priceless

    gem of Islamic spirituality and a masterpiece of Arabic eloquence

    that should find its place in every Muslim and non-Muslim




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