al-Ghazzali Alchemy of Happiness 2 Vol set

  • al-Ghazzali Alchemy of Happiness 2 Vol. set

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    The first complete English translation of The Alchemy of Happiness, this is Imam Ghazzali's Persian summary of his famous Arabic treatise on morality and ethics in Islam, The Revival of Religious Sciences. In this work, Ghazzali details the many pitfalls, snares, and distractions-internal and external-that lie in wait to divert the traveler of the Way from attaining the goal which Ghazzali calls "spiritual happiness." But there are also defenders, guides, and helpers which the traveler may enlist in his aid if he recognizes them. In The Alchemy, Ghazzali has provided the traveler of the Way with a critique of faith and a detailed guidebook to guide him safely to that goal. If he follows its counsels, he will successfully pass through the awesome tribunal of the Resurrection to achieve everlasting salvation, the highest degree of which is that state in which there remains neither fear of the terrors of hell nor appetite for the pleasures of Paradise. It is the pure ecstasy of the loving Divine Presence: Absolute spiritual happiness.



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