Spanish Islam - A History of the Muslims in Spain

  • Spanish Islam: A History of the Muslims in Spain

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    An excellent history of Muslims in Spain first published in 1913. While Europe, century after century, treads the path of progress and development, the abiding characteristic of the numberless tribes that wander with their tents and flocks over the vast and arid deserts of Arabia is their immutability. What they are today, such they were yesterday, and such they will be tomorrow: they know neither advance nor variation: the Bedawy preserves, in all its purity, the spirit which animated his ancestors in the days of Mohammed, and the best commentaries on the history and the poetry of the Pagan Arabs are the descriptions given by modern travelers of the manners, customs, and modes of thought of the Bedawin amongst whom they have sojourned. Contents: Civil Wars; Christians and Renegades; The Khalifate; The Petty Tyrants; Chronological Tables.



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