Map of the Journey to God

  • Map of the Journey to God

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    In the dark ages, maps were inscribed with the words, non plus ultra nothing beyond this to delineate uncharted territory which led to the edge of the world. These areas were left blank. They represented the unknown. Now we have satellite maps that show us the weather outside and even the colors of our homes. The outer world is so familiar to us, intensively mapped and studied in minute detail. What about the inner world? How many oceans are found inside of us? How many mountain ranges? How many continents? How many galaxies look down upon us there? This book is a map of previously uncharted territory a map of the realms within the innermost heart of man. These are realms of wonder for any reader who has come to the non plus ultra of the mind's ability to understand the self and its place in the universe. Plus ultra there is more beyond. The divinely inspired words in this book come from a place the mind has never seen. The words in this book are a map for anyone who yearns for more. For those who want to set sail, the words in this book reveal the way how to reach the Creator of both the inner and the outer worlds. For all those who undertake this journey, Godspeed!



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