Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry - (Futuwwat-nama-yi sultani)

  • Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry: (Futuwwat-nama-yi sultani)

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    As well as having a fluent style the book is the most detailed of all the Arabic and Persian treatises written on spiritual chivalry. Kashifi (d. 1504 AD) compiled all the information about spiritual warriors (fityan) handed down from earlier generations and never before mentioned in books. At the same time he used important written sources. Some special aspects of the medieval history and spiritual warriors (fityan) and their social organization are fully described. Among his other works are al-Tuhfa al-aliyya fi'ilm al-huruf wa-bayan asrariha compiled in the name of Shaykh Abd Allah Naqshbandi and Tabaqat-i Khwajagan-i Naqshbandi. as well as commentaries upon the Quran.



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