Sufi Terminology: The Mystical Language of Islam

  • Sufi Terminology the Mystical Language of Islam

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    Qamus: Dictionary. A qamus is a book full of definitions and meaning. Each human is a qamus. When man look within his own self and contemplates the inner signs (ayats) and meaning (ma’ana) he may come to know Allah. To make the journey into the self, and through the levels of the self, is the most serious task to which a man can turn. However, he cannot travel without a guide. An authentic Spiritual Guide (Murshid) will take him to the sacred center.

    Sufi: The name Sufi applies to the man or woman who has purified his heart through the Remembrance of Allah (dhikruallah), traveled the path of return to Allah, and arrived the true knowledge. There are many seekers of wisdom and truth, but only the realized one whose search was solely for Allah. Who has attained such a high degree in his knowledge of Allah he knows, with certainty, that “the slave is the slave and the Lord is the Lord”



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