Inmates Survival Handbook - An Islamic Perspective

  • Inmates Survival Handbook: An Islamic Perspective

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    This exciting thought provoking book explores concerns facing America’s prisons, inmates, and the American public.

    1) How does one adjust to prison life after separation from community, family, and friends?

    2) Our prison population continues to increase and most states are unable to provide bed space for current or future inmates.

    3) The rate of recidivism is too great to create additional space, because one third of all inmates released from return to within 14 months.

    4) Prison violence has increased exponentially with the increase in inmates and unruly inmates create problems for staff. Prison staff is often over worked and under paid. Their mission, guarding and protecting inmates is dangerous. The work of the correctional officer (CO) is emotionally and physically demanding. Is it not an easy job. Imagine being a police officer in a prison and you can understand the stress.

    5) Why do we call our prisons penitentiaries, and are we producing repentant ex-offenders? Are inmates truly repentant or contrite because of injuries that have caused others, or are they apologetic, because of their apprehension? To admit one is sorry for a wrong or injury committed against another, is the beginning of a genuine healing process.

    This book proposes ways and means of addressing the aforementioned concerns. I believe our criminal justice system can become more effective. I also believe the American public can do more to reduce crime and violence. However, too many of us lack the moral will to change our habits or values. The ball is in our court.



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