Quran Fundamental Law of Human Life - Vol. 12

  • Quran Fundamental Law of Human Life - Vol. 12

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    The twelfth volume of this compilation inclues Chapter 36 (Surah YaSin, YaSin, complete), Chapter 37 (Surah al-Safat, Those Ranged in Ranks), Chapter 38 (Surah al-Sad, Sad, complete), Chapter 39 (Surah al-Zumar, The Crowds, complete), Chapter 40 (Surah al-Mumin, The Believer, complete), Chapter 41 (Surah Ha Mim Sajdah, Ha Mim, Sajdah, complete), and Chapter 42 (Surah al-Shura, Consultation, complete) of the Holy Quran.

    It is a commentary on the Holy Quran keeping in view the philosophical thought, scientific research, political, economical and social developments in human society down through the ages.



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