Avicenna: On Cosmetics and their Medicinal Uses

  • Avicenna: On Cosmetics and their Medicinal Uses

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    Avicenna offers a description and healing properties of drugs: their dissolution, boiling down, adhesiveness, sleep-inducing properties, and so forth that are described with any other properties they may have. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs appears on the front cover: Causing baldness; Curling hair; Darkening hair; Deodorant;  Depilatory; Healing: leprosy; nail decay; ringworm; small pox scars; sunburn;  Improving: breath odor; complexion; chapped or inflamed areas on the feet; Killing lice; Lengthening hair; Preventing: baldness; hair loss; hair splitting; Producing birthmark; freckles; leprosy; offensive breath; turbidity and roughness; vitiligo;  Promoting hair growth;  Protecting: breasts; testicles; Reddening hair; the complexion;  Relieving: abnormal brittleness of the finger or toe nails; inflammation of the finger or toe producing pus;  Removing: birthmark; chronic disease of the nose;  freckles;  nail crooking;  offensive breath;  tattoos; thorns;  warts;  white dots on the nails;  Splitting hair;  Straightening hair; Strengthening hair; Teeth extracting;  Treating: cracking of facial skin;  pityriasis alba and nigra;  rupture of lips;  splitting of the hair; vitiligo;  Weight:  gaining;  losing;  Whitening:  hair;  teeth



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