Petra: A Traveller's Guide

  • Petra: A Traveller's Guide

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    This completely updated and revised third edition includes: detailed maps of walks around the city; comprehensive tours of monuments, tombs and ancient religious sites; practical advice on where to stay and what to take; and a complete account of the city's Nabatean, biblical and Roman history

    Petra is a symbol of the hidden treasures of the Near East and one of the world s most spectacular and popular travel destinations. Its famous rose-red cliffs in which its ancient inhabitants carved lavish funeral monuments were hidden for many centuries, until their rediscovery in 1812. This long desertion means that the ruins are well preserved, and the visitor can now enjoy exploring the many hectares covered by the city.

    The Nabateans remarkable civilization was enriched by their sustained power in commerce and war, and was reflected in their capital. The Romans added to Petra s glory by building a theatre, an aqueduct and colonnades. With the help of this guidebook, the visitor can relive the wonder Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, the discoverer of Petra, must have felt when he looked for the first time on this most famous lost city.



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