About Kazi Publications

Kazi Publications, Inc. is the oldest Islamic publisher and distributor in North America. Our titles can be found in libraries, university bookstores and major American chain stores for people of all age groups who want to learn more about Islamic culture and civilization covering a history of almost 1500 years. This history reflects developments in Quranic and Hadith studies, science, economics, jurisprudence, political thought, art and spirituality. One of its most successful publishing programs has been that of the Great Books of the Islamic World Series in order to inform young people about their culture and civilization.

Our store, based in the heart of Chicago, is a resource for Muslims and non-Muslim readers. Thousands of the most popular books on Islam can be found in our bricks and mortar bookstore as well as at our online bookstore, www.kazi.org. We also carry prayer rugs, prayer caps, prayer beads and other items of interest to Muslims.

Over the years, Kazi Publications has worked with some of the best known writers of books on Islam including:

  •  Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  •  Gai Eaton
  •  Sulayman Nyang
  •  Alia Athar
  •  Aminah MacCloud
  •  Shahid Athar
  •  Laleh Bakhtiar

Books published by Kazi Publications are regularly reviewed on National Public Radio and Publishers Weekly. Most recently Laleh Bakhtiar’s translation of the Sublime Quran was reviewed by the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and the London Times. She appeared on CNN, CBS, al-Jazeera and several times on various BBC programs as well as many others media appearances throughout the world.