Al-Ghazzali On Being a Muslim


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On Being a Muslim addresses themes of the pillars of Islam including on Attaining Orthodox Belief, Prescribed Purity, Prescribed Prayer, Prescribed Fasting, Pilgrimage, Purifying Alms and Remembrance of God and the Afterlife. Attaining Orthodox Belief is to know and believe in the Unity of God and Messengership of Muhammad. In regard to salah, al-Ghazzali explains the external as well as internal aspects of Prescribed Prayer.  He offers recommendations as to how to remedy the distracted soul and details the practices of the Prophet in Congregational Prayer. He merits of the Friday Congregational Prayer are discussed through ten rules of etiquette and seven rules for the Friday prayer. He also includes a discussion about one’s intention. He explains the importance of the Remembrance of God and the Afterlife as well as the other pillars of Islam in a succinct way. 


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