Avicenna: On Aphrodisiacs and their Medicinal Uses


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Avicenna prescribes plants and herbs that increase sexual desire and power. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs that are aphrodisiacs appears on the front cover: adversely effects libido;  aids conception;  calms down sexual desire in women;  causes erection on empty stomach; coagulates semen; coital pleasure of women enhanced by local use of saliva secreted by chewing it; controls the movement of excessive discharge of semen; corrects irregularity of seminal emission; dries and destroys semen; female eats smaller plant, produces female children; foster mothers forbidden it; greatly increases semen; holding root of plant in hand prepares for coitus; improves libido; increases formation of semen; increases glueyness of semen; increases libido; increases semen; increases seminal fluid; increases sexual desire; increases sexual power and quantity of semen; increases volume of semen; kills sperm; makes semen sticky; male eats larger plant, produces male children; opens mouth of uterus to receive sperm; pacifies agitated sexual urges; prevents nocturnal emissions; prevents sexual excitement; produces semen; promotes semen formation; reduces erectile power; reduces libido; reduces semen; reduces sexual desire; reduces sexual power; reduces volume of semen; stimulates erectile power; stimulates sexual desire; stimulates sexual power; stimulates sexual urge; stops semen formation when used excessively; strengthens seminal tract;  suppresses libido;  treats  loss of sexual desire; warms sexual organs.


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