Avicenna: On Treating Arthritis and the Joints


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Avicenna prescribes drugs for treating diseases of the joints and nerves. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs for the joints appears on the front cover: Healing nerve pain; Producing: harm to the nerves; nerve pain; Removing crusts of bones; Strengthening nerves; Treating: bruises; convulsions or spasms; diseases of cold (temperament of the nerves); diseases of the nervous system characterized by jerky, involuntary; movements (chorea); dislocations and tearing of muscles; distension; fatigue; fluid-filled sack in the scrotum (hydrocele); foot pains; gout; hardening of the nervous system or to hardening of the blood vessels (sclerosis); hernias; injuries from falling; neural ulcers; pain and tenderness of the sciatic nerve (sciatica);  paralysis; pinched nerves; severe pain in a joint (arthritis);  sprains; stiffness of the joints; swelling of the nerves;  tetanus; trauma;  upper back pain (dorsalgia)


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