Avicenna: On Treating the Visual Organs


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Avicenna prescribes drugs for the visual organs. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs for the visual organs appears on the front cover: Preserving the healthy condition of the eyes; Preventing descending of the humours; Producing tears; Removing: blood spots from the eyes; blue spots from the eyes; green spots from the eyes; harmful hair from the eyes; motes from the eyes; white spots from the eyes; Strengthening eyesight; Treating: benign growth of the conjunctiva (pterygium); blocked tear ducts (fistula lachrymalis); cataracts; chronic conjunctivitis; constriction of the eye; excessive tear production (epiphora); falling of eyelashes; hot conjunctivitis; inflammation of the eye’s cornea; inflammation of the eyelid(tarsitis); itching of the eyes; protrusion of an internal organ out of its normal place (iridoptosis and eye wounds); protrusion of the eyes; thickness of the cornea; trachoma; ulcers of the eyes; white eye secretion.


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