Book 16 Critical Thinking and the Chronological Quran in the Life of Prophet Muhammad


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Book Year 16, the present volume, covers events from Muharram 1-Dhu al-Hijja 29, 3 AH/ca. June 24, 624 CE-June 12, 625 CE. Each Lesson begins with a critical thinking (furqan) standard, strategy or Quranic moral trait. It is important to note that when learning HOW to think which the Quran teaches, there is no specifically correct answer. It is going through the process of Quranic understanding that we learn HOW to think. Book Year 16 presented here begins with Lesson 89 and Quranic Chapter 3, the 89th Chapter revealed followed by Quranic Chapters 33, 60 and, finally, Lesson 92, Quranic Chapter 4. There are thirty books in this series. Books entitled The Year 1 to The Year 24 consist of one book for each year of the revelation. They each include the relevant chapter (surah) or chapters (when they are short) or sections (ruku) (when there are multiple sections in a particular chapter in chronological order). The chapters are numbered according to the chronological order of the Quranic chapters provided by al-Azhar University as the officially accepted order of revelation. Each section (ruku) is followed by a commentary by one of the well-known commentators. Finally, at the end of each section (ruku) there is an exercise and assignment for students to use while they are developing critical thinking skills as they learn HOW the Quran teaches thinking.  Books 25-28 are devoted to the Quranic stories of all other Prophets and Messengers in order of their dates: Book 25: Adam, Cain and Abel, Enoch (Idris), Noah, Hud and the People of Aad; Saleh and the People of Thamud; Book 26: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Lot, Jacob (Israel), Joseph and Job; Book 27: Moses, Aaron, Children of Jacob (Israel), Jethro (Shuayb), Joshua, Khidr and Samuel; Book 28: David, Solomon, Elijah (Ilyas), Elisha (Alyasa), Jonah (Younis), Ezekiel (Dhul Kifl), Ezra (Uzayr), Dhul Qarnayn (Cyrus the Great or Alexander the Great), Luqman, Zechariah, John the Baptist (Yahya), Mary and Jesus. The last two are: Book 29: The Life of Prophet Muhammad from Birth to the Revelation and Book 30: Critical Thinking: Quranic Perspective: Teacher’s Manual. The last, Book 30 has been prepared for the teacher’s Lesson Plans. The Timeline places the Messenger’s Campaigns, including the Battle of Uhud, his marriages and Patrols that the Messenger commands a Companion to lead.


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