Book 21 Critical Thinking and the Chronological Quran in the Life of Prophet Muhammad


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Book Year 21, the present volume, covers events from Muharram 1-Dhu al-Hijja 29, 8 AH/ca. May 1, 629 CE-April 19, 630 CE. Each Lesson begins with a critical thinking (furqan) standard, strategy or Quranic moral trait. It is important to note that when learning HOW to think which the Quran teaches, there is no specifically correct answer. It is going through the process of Quranic understanding that we learn HOW to think. Book Year 21 presented here begins with Lesson 111 and Quranic Chapter 48, the 111th chapter revealed. The Timeline places the Messenger’s Campaigns, including the Conquest of Makkah, the Battle of Hunayn, his marriages and Patrols that the Messenger commands a Companion to lead.


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