Canon of Medicine Volume 2: Natural Pharmaceuticals


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Publishedfor the first time in English alphabetical order, Volume 2 (of the 5 originalvolumes) of Canon of Medicine (Law of Natural Healing), is an essentialaddition to the history of medicine as it holds a treasure of information onnatural pharmaceuticals used for over 1000 years to heal various diseases anddisorders.  Fully color illustrated with a 150 page, 7000 word index of thehealing properties of each of the entries, the text itself is an alphabeticallisting of the natural pharmaceuticals of the simple compounds. By simplecompounds, Avicenna includes the individual plants, herbs, animals and mineralsthat have healing properties. Avicenna lists 800 tested naturalpharmaceuticals including plant, animal and mineral substances. The compilerhas included the Latin, Persian and Arabic names of the drugs along withartistic renderings of the drugs as illustrations as well as Avicenna’s Tablesor Grid for each entry that describes the individual, specific qualities ofsimple drugs.


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