Knowing the Imams Volume 13: The Hadith of Two Weighty Things, Part 1




The author writes: Today is the 25th of Rab al-Th n , 1410 AH, and as I was going to begin this series of books, it came to my mind that it would be better if six more volumes were to be added to the volumes of Knowing theImams, because, although praise be to Almighty God the series of Knowing the Imams was in every other aspect comprehensive and complete, something, I thought, was missing from it, and it was that the Hadith Thaqalayn was not explained in detail and sufficiently. Although on many occasions this hadith has been addressed, and also explained by means of the chains, it has not been explained by the most authentic chains of the Shi a. So it deserves to be explained in detail and expounded by the reflection of the Shi a as well the Sunni brothers. Second, there will also be a discussion of the description of the Shi a creed and the reality of Shi ism.


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