Knowing the Imams Volume 2: Commentary on the Verse of the Governor – the Executorship of the Master of the Faithful




Those among you who are in authority (Quran 4:59) are those individuals whose words and deeds never contravene scripture or the prophetic tradition and have absolute authority, which is concomitant with their infallibility. (From volume 2) Volume 2 of Knowing the Imams is the second in Allamah Tihrani s series of lectures on the Imamate. It includes an exegesis of Quran 4:59, and addresses issues such as God s appointment of Imam Ali and the other infallible Imams, rather than their election. There is an explanation of why those among you who are in authority refers exclusively to the infallible Imams, and how the Imam is one who has reached the level of Unity whereby the Quran guides people via him.


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