Canon of Medicine Volume 4


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Volume 4, translated for the first time in English, contains seven parts. Part 22: On Dysfunctions in Various Parts of the Body, Avicenna gives a detailed analysis of the pain that comes from various physical dysfunctions. Part 23: On Fevers is a famous section of his Canon, often published on its own in the Latin translation. Part 24: On Diagnosis Based on Symptoms includes a discussion on what a medical crisis is and how to deal with it. Part 25: On Swellings and Pimples includes these illnesses as part of Systemic Diseases along with Part 26: On the Loss of Continuity. Part 26 essentially deals with the importance of energy in Avicennian medicine and the resulting illnesses when the movement of energy is disrupted causing a loss of continuity in its flow. Part 27 describes Poisons and Part 28 the Cosmetic Art. Contains an index of the contents indexed by healing properties.

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In fact, everyone should read this book for health and well-being. This series — including Volume 4 is a monumental masterpiece of great scientific and philosophical value. You will be awakened from the dream of the inefficiency of conventional medicine with enhanced understanding of other methods of healing. It is amazing to realize that so much knowledge was available a thousand years ago and yet we are hardly doing much better today. Read this series and be healthy, and stay healthy.



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