Sufi Enneagram: The Secrets of the Symbol Unveiled


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The enigmatic origins of the nine pointed symbol known as the Enneagram (ennea in Greek means “nine,” and gram means something “written” or “drawn”) have captivated and perplexed human individuals since its appearance in the modern West. There are fewer potent examples that so blatant exemplify esoteric knowledge being appropriated by popular culture as the case with the Enneagram. That the nine pointed figure of the Enneagram has entered into the mainstream illustrates its strange fate and perhaps the fate of all things of a transcendent nature . . . . The Enneagram has generated a great deal of speculation about its origins and no less its application, yet it for the most part remains veiled in its own secret as what is fact or fiction or even allegory is unknown.
—  Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, “Introduction,” Sufi Enneagram: The Secrets of the Symbol Unveiled


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