Al-Ghazzali Other Daily Acts of Worship


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Al-Ghazzali describes five journeys: The journey in the search for knowledge; the journey for worship of God; the journey away from attachment to worldly things; the journey for trade and seeking a living; and the journey of sightseeing and recreation and the rules of conduct for each. For al-Ghazzali, earning a living is a form of worship that attains spiritual reward as long as the living that is earned is in accord with the religious law. He emphasizes the importance of observing equity and justice in business transactions and doing good deeds for others. Al-Ghazzali recommends following the example of the Prophet in order to learn and practice the etiquette of eating. This includes what to do before eating, at the time of eating, drinking water, after eating, when eating with other people, the merit of eating with friends, the virtue of being a host, giving and accepting invitations, and when arriving and leaving a host’s home. Al-Ghazzali describes true nature of remembrance, the merits of exultation, glorification, praise, blessing and asking forgiveness as well as the rules of supplication. He then gives miscellaneous supplications.


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