Avicenna: On Treating the Alimentary Organs and Diet


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Avicenna prescribes drugs on various foods and those that heal or harm the alimentary organs. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs for food and the alimentary organs appears on the front cover: Causing: cold inflammations of the liver; flatulence; hot inflammations of the liver; sclerosis of the liver; Hampering digestion; Harmful: for the liver; for the stomach; Treating eructation; Helping in the digestion of food; Lubricating the stomach; Producing: dropsy; eructation; flatulence in the spleen; irritation in the stomach; jaundice; nausea; obstructions in the liver; pain; sclerosis of the spleen; thirst; Promoting digestion; Reducing appetite; Relaxing the stomach muscles; Relieving flatulence; Removing: liver obstructions; obstructions from the stomach; Soothing the stomach; Strengthening the liver; the stomach; Treating accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (ascites); black jaundices; cancer of the stomach; generalized edema (anasarca); hiccoughs; inflammation of the spleen; liver pain; nausea; sclerosis of the liver; spleen pain; stomachaches; yellow jaundice; Weakening the liver; the stomach.


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