Avicenna: On Treating the Excretory Organs


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Avicenna prescribes drugs that heal or harm the excretory organs. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs for the excretory organs appears on the front cover: Causing: cholera; constipation; painful urination (strangury); uterine pain; Checking: a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge (leucorrhea); excess menstruation; frequency of nocturnal emissions; Cleaning: the uterus; Diuretic; Eliminating worms from the stomach; Evacuating black bile;  blood; gases; bile; Expelling a fetus;  Harmful: discharging of pus and itching; diabetes; the kidneys; vesical stones or ulcers; Preventing conception; Producing bed wetting (enuresis); bloody urine (hematuria); gripes; hematuria; pus in the urine (pyuria); Slowing down the action of intestines; Stimulating menstruation; Strengthening: the anus (sphincter); the bladder; the kidneys; Treating:  intestinal ulcers; chronic disease resulting from non-absorption of nutrients from the small intestine (sprue); colic; condition where the erect penis or clitoris does not return to its flaccid state  (priapism);  diarrhea;  flatulent colic;  gases of the uterus; gripes;  hysteria;  intestinal colic;  Anus paralysis and protrustion; Piles.


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