Avicenna: On Treating the Organs of the Head


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Avicenna prescribes drugs for the head and its organs. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs for the joints appears on the front cover: Causing: headaches; loss of memory; Dissolving gases; Harmful for a weak brain; Increasing brain matter; Preventing  hangovers; Producing: epilepsy; nosebleeds; thirst; Purifying the brain; Removing: obstructions from the brain; the effects of a hangover; Sleep-inducing; Strengthening: memory; the brain; the teeth; Treating: comas; gum bleeding; colds; upper respiratory tract ailments; dandruff; deafness and impaired hearing; dentition in children; depression; mouth diseases; ear wounds; earaches; epilepsy; excessive salivation; facial paralysis; gum wounds; heaviness in the head; helmet headache; hot headaches; hot swellings of the brain; indefinitely prolonged maintenance of a fixed body posture (catalepsy); inflammation of the ears; inflammation of the tongue (glossitis); lethargy; lightheadedness; mania; melancholia; migraine headaches; molar-teeth pain; mucous cyst (ranula); nosebleeds; phobias; ringing in the ears; strokes; stupors produced by narcotics; thirst; toothaches


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