Bible: An Islamic Perspective: From Judges to Monarchy


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From Judges to Monarchy, the sixth volume in The Bible: An Islamic Perspective series, begins with a discussion of Job in the Bible and in the Quran and Islamic tradition. His era is uncertain, but his dilemma is one of the great moments of mankind’s moral development. We then turn to the folk hero Samson. He is perhaps the least characteristic of the judges who led Israel between the Conquest of Canaan and the establishment of the monarchy under Saul. Though not mentioned in the Quran, Samson’s spectacular story has earned a place in Muslim commentaries, the only “judge” to be so honored. Next, we examine the tragic story of Saul, his anointment as king, his victories, and his ultimate rejection be the seer Samuel. The history of Ark of the covenant and the Philistines are discussed in the context of Saul’s story, as are Gideon and the water test. The volume concludes with an account of the rise of the young David who was destined to replace Saul.


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