Bible: An Islamic Perspective: From Creation to the Flood


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From the Creation to the Flood, a volume in The Bible: An Islamic Perspective, is analysis of stories found in the 1st ten chapters of Genesis, comparing them with references to them in the Quran and in Surabadi’s 11th century Quranic commentary. Other ancient sources, especially Mesopotamian, also contribute to the study, The two Biblical creation stories are compared with those of the Quran and Surabadi and earlier sources, and some more general questions about the Creation are considered. Other topics include: The Biblical and Islamic versions of Adam’s creation, the Naming, Adam’s rib?, the events of Eden and the Fall, Cain and Abel (murderer ritual sacrifice?), and Adam’s last days. After an examination of the Enoch-Idris stories and the fallen angels, Harut and Marut of the Quran and Islamic tradition, the author turns tot the colorful saga of Noah, his Ark, and the Flood, finishing with the disquieting ethnic overtones of the story of Noah’s curse and his descendants.


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