Bible: An Islamic Perspective: David and Solomon


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David and Solomon focuses on the Israelite United Kingdom. Whilst this volume in The Bible: An Islamic Perspective series frames the stories with the major historical events of the two reigns as found in the Biblical record, it concentrates more upon comparing the Quranic allusions to the two monarchs and their more developed versions in the Quranic commentary of the 11th century surabadi. The read shall find that the Islamic view about them is much kinder to them ( as in Chronicles in the Bible) than are the stories in Samuel Kings. The Quran alludes to David and Bathsheba; Surabadi relates a chaste version of the sordid tale. The examination of a Solomonic cycle compares the bible and Jewish tradition with the Quran and Surabadi. With Solomon, the empahsis is on the marvelous and fantastic. Amon the stories discussed are: The Successin, The Ring, The Building of the Temple and Palace, Solomon’s Wealth, Solomon and the Ants, and the Queen of Sheba. Solomon’s apostasy and death are investigated at the end of the volume.


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