Book 13 Critical Thinking and the Chronological Quran in the Life of Prophet Muhammad


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The Year 13 of the Revelation Muharram 1-Dhu al-Hijja 29, 1 BH ca. July 27, 621 CE-July 15, 622 CE Each Lesson begins with a critical thinking (furqan) standard, strategy or Quranic moral trait. It is important to note that when learning HOW to think which the Quran teaches, there is no specifically correct answer. It is going through the process of Quranic understanding that we learn HOW to think. The Lessons in Book Year 1 through Book Year 24, including Book Year 13 presented here, are numbered consecutively in order of the revelation of a Quranic Chapter. Here, in Book Year 13, we begin with Lesson 82, that is, Quran Chapter 82 which is the 82nd Chapter revealed followed by Quranic Chapters 84, 30, 29 and, finally, Lesson 86, Quranic Chapter 83, the last chapter revealed in Makkah. We are beginning to reach Arabic dates that have been recorded for important events in the life of the Prophet. The listing of the dates according to the Gregorian calendar are complicated and approximate only. That is why they are preceded by ca. The chronological order of the chapters of the Quran that follow throughout the series is based on the list accepted by al-Azhar University in Cairo and is considered to be the official order. It differs greatly from the chronological order developed by Western scholars over the centuries and is much more detailed. Quranic signs or verses (ayat) of each section (ruku) in a particular Quranic chapter are given in each lesson followed by a commentary and a Student Assessment consisting of an Example of the Eight Elements of Reasoning and questions or assignments in Developing Quranic Critical Thinking Skills. Appendix 1 shows the Quranic signs revealed in Makkah and placed in the Madinah chapters. Appendix 2 correlates the original Quranic chapters with their chronological order.


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