• Canon of Medicine Volume 2: Natural Pharmaceuticals
    Canon of Medicine Volume 2: Natural Pharmaceuticals

    Author: Avicenna

    Published for the first time in English alphabetical order, Volume 2 (of the 5 original volumes) of Canon of Medicine (Law of Natural Healing), is an essential addition to the history of medicine as it holds a treasure of information on natural pharmaceuticals used for over 1000 years to heal various diseases and disorders.  Fully color illustrated with a 150 page, 7000 word index of the healing properties of each of the entries, the text itself is an alphabetical listing of the natural pharmaceuticals of the simple compounds. By simple compounds, Avicenna includes the individual plants, herbs, animals and minerals that have healing properties. Avicenna lists 800 tested natural pharmaceuticals including plant, animal and mineral substances. The compiler has included the Latin, Persian and Arabic names of the drugs along with artistic renderings of the drugs as illustrations as well as Avicenna’s Tables or Grid for each entry that describes the individual, specific qualities of simple drugs.

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  • Guide to Goodness (Dalail al-khayrat)
    Guide to Goodness (Dalail al-khayrat)

    Author: Imam Juzuli Translator: Hassan Rosowsky

    This first English translation of one of the most famous Islamic prayers has become available in this bilingual edition. This prayer, recited by Muslims throughout the world, is a prayer to ask for blessings upon the Prophet in order to receive blessings from God for both the Prophet and the reciter.

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  • Sublime Quran Pocket Size
    Sublime Quran Pocket Size

    Translator: Laleh Bakhtiar

    This English only rendition of the Quran by Laleh Bakhtiar is a step forward in the translation of this Scripture in Semitic language which is without any sectarian bias, Sufi, philosophical, Sunni, Shia and Ismaili theological connotations, and recently scientific, feminist and Taliban renditions etc. The translation is in modern American English, and the style is poetic-prose, which reflects the style of the Qur'an that is neither poetry nor prose, but is inclusive of both. This translation could be of help to Muslims and non-Muslims who do not know the Arabic of the Qur'an and are interested in studying it, and it could be of immense help to the students of Islamic studies. --Prof. Latimah-Parvin Peerwani

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  • Concordance of the Sublime Quran
    Concordance of the Sublime Quran

    The Concordance of the Sublime Quran serves the need of those who do not know the Arabic language, but want to understand the Quran. This work is a translation and transliteration of the Arabic Concordance known as al-Mujim al-mufahris showing the semantic structure of the Arabic three and four letter roots and their derivatives. 

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