Sublime Quran English Translation Revised Edition


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HRH PRINCE GHAZI BIN MUHAMMAD, CHIEF ADVISOR FOR RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS TO H. M. KING ABDULLAH II, AUTHOR OF LOVE IN THE HOLY QURAN says that “Those who read translations of the Quran (and there are no completely accurate translations of the Qur an in English and only a few adequate ones (these being arguably Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s; Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall’s), Laleh Bakhtiar’s translation is arguably the most internally consistent. They are not reading the Qur an, but rather mere subjective individual interpretations of it: the Quran is God’s Word in its Arabic form only. The work Dr. Bakhtiar has put into her interpretation the consistency, the method, the attention to tense, root, case and detail is second to none. I have never seen its like before. The English reading of it is also lovely and smooth.”


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