Chronological Quran as Revealed to Prophet Muhammad


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This work,the Chronological Quran, is just what the title suggests, the Quran in order of the revelation of the chapters as officially determined and agreed upon by the major Muslim scholars over the centuries. God has blessed Prophet Muhammad by revealing the Quran to him through the Angel Gabriel. The Quran (The Recitation) is considered by many to be Prophet Muhammad’s greatest miracle. In furtherance of understanding the Quranic signs related directly to Prophet Muhammad, all signs (ayah, verses) that refer to the lives of other Prophets and Messengers, whose stories are revealed in the Quran, have been indicated, but the signs themselves do not appear here. This was done so that what would remain of the Quranic signs would relate to either addressing Prophet Muhammad directly or relate directly to his prophethood. It should be noted by the reader that The Chronological Quran presented in this work cannot be read in place of the original Arabic or English translation of the complete Quran if one is seeking spiritual reward. As mentioned above, the signs relating to the other Prophets and Messengers are indicated in their chronological order, but actual signs do not appear here. In studying the chronological order of the chapters, there is much to be learned. For instance, we learn that after the initial revelations of the signs to Prophet Muhammad, it was in Chapter 68:35, revealed sometime later in Makkah, that the early followers of Prophet Muhammad are referred to, for the first time, as Muslims (ones who submit). Previous to this revelation, the followers of Prophet Muhammad did not know the names of islam or muslim. We also learn that the first chapter revealed after the initial revelation of signs was Chapter 81. It is the 7th Chapter revealed. In this very early chapter,  the Quran attacks a custom of the pre-Islamic Arab community at the same time that it begins the elevation of the female figure from being worthless to becoming the heir of the Prophet. The sign is: … when the buried infant girl is asked for which impiety she was slain … (81:14)Quranic Sunnah


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